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Shri Bhurmal Aidanmal Jain established Bhurmal Aidanmal & Co. in 1944. He started engraving the brand name with his intellect, efforts and business ethics. During his reign he expanded his customer base throughout the konkan region of Maharashtra. The legendry businessman is till now being remembered by their customer every time they visit the showroom. On Shri Bhurmal Jain’s path their son Mr. Suresh Jain & Mr. Manoj Jain continued the expansion of Bhurmal Aidanmal Group.

Mr. Suresh Jain & Mr. Manoj Jain are true successor of Bhurmal Aidanmal Jain with equal capability to provide excellent service and quality products. The brother’s goodwill extended their customer base to international markets. Customers started pouring in from South Africa, England, Israel, Mauritius and Zambia. The showroom was renovated in 1990 to enrich the service and products for growing customer base.

Till the time frame passed by another successor was getting trained by his father Suresh Jain to handle the business. Mr. Rakesh Jain joined the business with capability, hard work & responsibility. He gave Bhurmal Group the much needed modernization and innovation required in the working, processing and retailing of the group. The cutting edge knowledge of his gave Bhurmal Group its first successful running branch in chiplun in 2009. Further down the time frame in he also renovated the Mumbai showroom to modernize the design of the structure and innovate the working style.

Currently the Bhurmal Group is being headed by Mr. Suresh, Mr. Manoj & Mr. Rakesh. They have considered the option of expansion as very necessary with the current market being providing opportunity. The group recently opened a new showroom in Navi Mumbai (Seawoods) in 2013.

The group has begun to grow big and expand, but we understand that just growing big is not enough. Growth at every stage needs proper planning, resource, guidance, analysis and time. The group believes in slow but steady and sure growth.